VINTAGE 2020 MEAD - 12% 750ml Gosnells of London

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Style: Vintage style Mead

Abv: 12%

Size: 750ml

In 2018 we created our first Vintage mead from two sets of hives North London, and we've continued each year since.

This project is very close to our hearts - and we love working with raw London honey from the same source each year.

By using the same hives each year we can see how the honey changes from year to year and so how the mead we make from the honey changes.

Using the same fermentation techniques and taking honey from the hive at the same time each year allows us to really showcase the ever-changing urban environment of our diverse city.

Our Vintage 2020, has a light, fruity character with a little citrus undertone, and a bouquet of assorted wildflowers and deep herbaceous notes.