VINTAGE 2019 MEAD - 12% 750ml Gosnells of London

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Style: Vintage style Mead

Abv: 12%

Size: 750ml

Our second Vintage mead is using raw London honey, from Lea Bridge Road & Woodbury Wetlands in North London.

Our vintage program is one of our biggest passions, we use the same set of hives each year, taking honey from them and making a delicious mead from them. It's so exciting to be able to see how the changes each year affect the flavour of the honey and the mead we make from them. Depending on what the bees have been eating, due to climate, changes in crops, and planting and development you can taste how the terroir of the honey has changed each year.

Our carefully created 12.0% ABV Vintage 2019 Mead allows the raw London honey to give intense melon and tropical aromas, with complex floral and herbaceous notes.

This line is a perfect gift with a waxed bottle top and Vintage 2019