La Invicta Honduran Robusto Cigar - Size: 5 Inches x 50 Ring Gauge

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Style: Hand Rolled

Brand: La Invicta

Size: Robusto 5 Inches x 50 Ring Gauge

Flavour: Light

Country: Honduras

The brand La Invicta was created by Hunters & Frankau and dates back to the 1940’s. The name translates to The Undefeated

and is particularly apt when considering that the brand was created during the Second World War.

During the war it was not possible for Hunters & Frankau to purchase Cuban cigars using American dollars, so La Invicta was established,

using Jamaican tobacco, in order to maintain a supply of war time cigars to the UK.

The cigars are still made using bespoke blend of tobaccos, but they no longer hail from Jamaica. They are now available in two different

blends: the lighter styled Honduran and the richer Nicaraguan. The range below are all handmade.