Grimbergen Blonde 6.7% 330ml

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Style: Belgian Blond Abbey Beer

Abv: 6.7%

Size: 330ml

Grimbergen Blonde is an authentic and savoury abbey beer, renowned for its unique well-balanced contrast between spicy and fruity notes

ASPECT: Clear golden yellow colour and orange reflections. Dense and abundant cream coloured foam.

NOSE: Dominance of ripe fruit and spices. There are also smells of honey, liquorice and macerated fruit mixed with notes of floral hops.

IN THE MOUTH: An intense beer combining sweet and bitter flavours. Dominant aromas of pineapple, macerated fruit and characteristic spicy notes of clove.

AFTERTASTE: Extremely persistent beer with aromas of spicy- and fruitiness and notes of bitterness, yeast and liquorice.