FOVOS - Imperial Stout with Coffee, Vanilla & Maple Syrup 12% 440ml Seven Island Brewery

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Style: Imperial Stout with Coffee, Vanilla & Maple Syrup

Abv: 12%

Size: 440ml

Fovos (Fear), in Ancient Greece was the son of Ares (the god of war) and Aphrodite (goddess of beauty) A combination capable for magnificent, ambitious and legendary things !!
Taking these in consideration we created “FOVOS” a pitch black and sticky imperial stout which is our first imperial stout of our newborn BEASTMODE SERIES and we added Honduras coffee beans roasted by Cafetierraroasters using a unique tailor made roasting profile just for this beer.
We also added double amounts of Tahitian vanilla beans plus some amazing Canadian maple syrup to round the coffee flavor and the roasty profile of the dark malts we use to achieve the huge chocolate character!!
The result is a phenomenal and robust imperial stout that marks a new era for our new limited monstrous brews!!
Fear Not....
A HUGE thanks to our old friends and now our new amazing Illustrator Antonio Bravo for this series, that took this new label to a whole new level
Grab some before it’s too late